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A little bit about me

18 years old, Recife

I’ve already finished high school and I’m currently taking some courses. My favorite pastime is listening to gospel music, spending time appreciating the beauty of creation, of heaven. A three-word description of me would be: ambitious, loving and joyful. My biggest dream is to be able to change my reality and the reality of other people.

Prayer requests

I would like you to pray for me, for my future, my family. I would like you to pray to God for a direction for me regarding my future. Where he wants me to be. It’s been a very complicated discovery, but amen. Pray that God will supply everything I need and that I can be an instrument in His hands to reach other lives for the Kingdom of God.



Reasons for gratitude

→ I’m grateful for everything God has done in my life. My family, friends, the opportunities he has given me to be a better person.


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